Prepare for Home Automation.

A boutique consultancy focusing on making life smarter and simpler.


Tell us your dreams.

Home Automation is coming to your world, soon, but it can be a minefield to navigate. Our first step is to listen and help you understand what is possible, taking advantage of devices, like iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, that you already own.


Security and standards is paramount.

We only implement solutions where technology supports wide standards, like HomeKit®, a secure framework from Apple. Security is vital, enabling enjoyment of your SmartMaison® through a friendly user interface, from anywhere in the world.


Now the fun begins as things come to life.  

We install elements of your new SmartMaison® at a progressive pace. This process ensures things are not too overwhelming. Our informative training will ensure you'll enjoy your new smart home, easily. Simply enjoy this new era of remote control, energy saving alongside a  convienent lifestyle.


Adopted by 200+ Manufacturers

Apple created HomeKit which centralises the control of all your home automation products within a single app.
And it works perfectly with Siri.


Monitor everything

Eve allows you to monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, barometric pressure, energy use, motion and door/window position. Use Siri to controil the devices.


Create the perfect ambience

Highly energy efficient, flexible and elegant. Create light recipes to suit your home or office, like allowing lights to change ambience in sync with sunrise or sunset.

I'd like a meeting, please

Home Automation is tricky stuff – consequently we could use your valuable input.

As an Apple Developer, we test everything before making a recommendation.

So just relax and let us advise what works for you and your family, because after all, Home Automation is actually a bit of rocket science.

Simply call Jonathan on 0411 190 141 or email for a relaxed discussion.